Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Niigata City

When I got home I found out that classes weren't starting for a couple more days to I quickly planned a little trip up to Niigata City to see the aquarium and the newest Miyazaki film. This is the view of Niigata City, if you see the ocean out in the distance that's looking west from the building, if you look closley way out in the ocean in the haze is Sado Island. (I posted pictues of Sado some time ago) Beautiful huh?

This is the Bandi Bridge. A famous bridge in Niigata.

We went to the Niigata Aquarium. I liked the penguins best!

After the aquarium we went to go get some food and thought that for an adventure try a resturant that's not equipt with any english helps. I ended up with some sort of animals stomach mingled with pasta. Then as soon as we left we went next door to the ever loyal COCO Curry house (popular curry fast food)Then we hit up the theater for the new Miyazaki film. It was kinda a 'Little Mermaid' type story with no mermaids. It was soooo dang cute! I loved the cutiness. Also I thought that the 'traditional' textures that where added where really neet. It was so fun and really nice to get out of Tsubame.

Monday, August 25, 2008

My Bike

Since John asked me again about my bike, here it is. I totally love this thing except for that the tires have popped on me twice. However it's very stylish with it's quaint basket and dainty bell accompanied with the night light and back platform. ^______^