Sunday, October 26, 2008

Green Curry!

I made Tai green curry, I found some green at a foreign store and coconut milk somewhere down the street! It's soooo good, the mushrooms where the best! I think I had to many goodies in there. Next time I'll go simpler, just chicken and mushrooms or nasu or green peas and onion.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Teradomari coast and Yahiko mura

First, before I begin my story, "The persimmons are out!!!" How rad is that, these little orange guys are all over the place. This is the time for persimmons!!!

Two weekends ago my friend Nogima took me on a drive around to Yahiko and to the coast at Teradomari. Teradomari is a sea port and fishing city, this is where we left to get on the ferry boat to take us to Sado Island.
While driving I realised how close it really is to my house.
I decided I'd have to take a weekend to check out the area. It's getting to be Fall and I want to know of the great places to take pictures around here. This area is quite the prime for the prefecture so I'm really excited.
So, Bridget and I decided that with our 4 day weekend we'd spend a day riding around and exploring and building our mental maps of the area. I left on Sunday evening to go to her house. It's about a 30 minute bike ride. It's pretty quick since I can just take the highway all the way, practically to her front door.
All a giddy in the Fall air I arrived at her awesome apartment which was cute and Halloween ready. We made delicious home-made curry and rice which was absolutley amazing and got me in the mood for Fall even more. We then celebrated a little with a delicious treat from the bakery in Tsubame-Sanjo.

We lounged around and finally drifted to sleep comforable and warm in her tatami room =^_______________^=

The next day was a holiday. Yes another holiday dedicated to sports and health I'm sure they've got like 3 or more of those. Anyway, a day off is a day off and what better to do on your day off from sports and health than go on an all day bike ride. We finally set out around 8:30 that morning. We tanked up on banana milk, juice and the classic favorite tuna onigiri from the heavenly convenient store, 7-11.
We rode south west to coast, just north of Teradomari. It was amazing. We where both asking each other why did it take us so long to do this.
Stunning. My camera doesn't do it justice.

On our way we saw a museum and went in. It was a somewhat cheesy museum of illusion. I did get a kick out of this one painting that changed when I passed by. The first time I walked by it was a naked woman. Later I walked by it was the same woman but with a dress on. There were some kinda fun elements of the arts there. ^__^

Then we rode a little further down the road for lunch at a really yummy italian place called "Primavera". It was really good! My ke-ki was beautiful and oishi.

After lunch we rode into Teradomari to the famous fish market. This is the prime for sushi hunt. Everything is really good and superbly fresh, it all attracts quite a crowd. If you'd like sushi in a bento this would be you best bet and the freshest you've ever had, right out of the water.

Last but not least we rode to the top of the big hill that over looks the city of Teradomari(Sea port city). It was quite a long way up but a lot of fun to go back down the other side. It was absolutley stunning. (My camera doesn't do the scenery here any justice either.)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I thought that the GBH on the deck was a wood carving until some lady got close to it to take a picture and I noticed it move and fly away. It was pretty cool.

Notice these MOMIJIES they are all green right now, in a couple weeks more or so I'll take pictures again so you can see the difference of fall. I'm really excited.

I also bought a Yukata at a second hand store for 500 yen, sweet deal. I want to use some of the fabric to make cusions and pillows and such and give my lame apartment a little more Japanese touch. The thing is beautiful though, I'm also going to bring some of it home. Who in the world knows what I'll do with all this fabric from Japan I've fallen in love with.