Saturday, April 25, 2009

Last big trip in Japan - KYOTO

Kyoto Station. This place was huge and had tons of levels.

Kyoto Tower at night-

Ok, I'm finally getting around to posting the pictures of Kyoto. (I'm now wireless and it feels soooo good to have my own connection on my laptop.) There's a good many few on facebook already but here are a few more to nibble on.
Ok, I'm not going to remember in great detail all that we did because I didn't make note of it but needless to say we has a great time and here are a few places we had the chance to visit.
After dropping off our bags and luggage at the hostel, we went out to see the Fushimiinari Shrine. This was one of my favorite places. I feel for it quickly.

The next day we headed into Uji, south of Kyoto, famous for it's teas and the Byodoin Temple which is on the back of the 10 yen coin.

We went to a variet of places in Arashiyama.

Monkey Park-Where you roam around with the monkeys freely. There are few rules though. Don't look the monkeys in the eye. Don't show them any food/don't feed them and Don't touch the monkeys. Then you take a little hike up the mountain and one can enjoy the monkeys as you go. One little monkey grabbed hold of my umbrella, I had to tug it back out of it's hands. Sorry monkey, I'll need that more than you.

At the top of the mountain on Monkey Park you can go inside a small building which is like a cage for you and from inside you can buy food for the monkeys to feed them. It also has a nice view.

Bamboo Forest-

****On our last day, we visited the Path of Philosophy (Popular during Cherry Blossom season) and ended the path at Ginkakuji (Silver Pavilion-(under construction)

Nanzenji (Nanzenji- Path of Philosophy- Ginkakuji)

The Path-

Kiyomisu- Night viewing/Day viewing



Shimogamo Shrine-



It had been my dream for some time to see Kyoto during Cherry Blossom season and I can say I am quite content and satisfied about this last trip. We had a great time, ate great food and enjoyed the beautiful city of Kyoto.
On the train on our way out we saw Mt. Fuji too, which I've always wanted to see.

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